Meet Cloe. The Simple Condo Management Platform for Everyone.

Cloe makes condo life better for managers, boards and residents. It syncs dozens of tools that everyone needs on a daily basis in one intuitive, cost-effective digital interface. Happy condos run on Cloe. Ready to learn more?
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The Tools You Need to Run Your Community


Elect boards and execute business faster with secure, neutral voting that allows owners to vote from anywhere.

AirBnB Tracking

Let our system protect the community by automatically tracking and flagging units that may be offering short-term rentals.


Improve property maintenance conditions and accountability with digital work orders, instant reports and more.


Open the lines between residents, the board, management and staff with tools that foster better communication.


Deliveries are time-consuming for condo staff. This tool makes it easier to notify recipients and minimize loss.

Key Drawers

Keys and entry fobs are critical to condo security. This tool tracks what was issued to whom in a searchable list.


Managers must be accountable and transparent. Cloe lets them run key reports for staff, boards and owners.

Lost & Found

Residents can alert the community about lost items, while management can openly list and track found items.

Work Orders

Keep track of building repairs and issues, and make sure staff gets them done in a timely manner.

Parking Management

Track assigned parking spaces and authorized vehicles to ensure safe and organized parking.

Designed to Benefit Everyone.

Cloe was built to meet the needs of residents, board members and condo managers without overloading them with features they won’t use. Try it today to see firsthand how it’s different.

  • Intuitive to use, cost-efficient and easily scalable
  • Tools and modules designed to address real needs
  • Flexible service contracts and a 30-day free trial window
  • Fast, personal customer service for every type of user
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Happy Condos Run on Cloe

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